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“Turning roof waste into roadways” Recycling roof material for use in our infrastructure.

Roof shingles account for more than 11 million tons of landfill waste each year.  Every recycled roof is comparable to recycling more than 100 percent of a year’s worth of household waste.  Imagine that for a moment!  We at Roofing & Exteriors of Virginia were profoundly effected by this data and took immediate action to make a difference.  Our team has been trained to separate and dispose of waste properly and use the Tidewater areas only shingle recycling facility, Tidewater Green, to handle our disposals.  The recycled singles and felt are ground into a fine material, the consistency of coffee grounds, and are used by asphalt mixers as a supplement to further enhance the performance of their materials.  Recycled shingles also provide oil in the form of asphalt that is beneficial in the reuse of typically in paving.  Real Estate and government agencies purchase these materials to eliminate waste from our communities and improve our infrastructure.  It is our mission to conserve and rebuild responsibly, eliminating construction waste whenever we can.

We hope that this information will prompt you to ask your contractor to recycle responsibly.  It’s easy to do and makes a very positive impact on the world around us.  For more information about recycling building materials in the Tidewater Virginia area, visit www.tidewatergreen.com. For a complete list of resources in energy and conservation initiatives and practices, visit Go Green Virginia at www.gogreenva.org/resources.

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