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Tired of leaking retail store and restaraunt roof leaks? We’re here to help!

Is your retail store’s roof old? Are you tired of dealing with the leaking roof on your restaurant? Are you looking for roof maintenance advices for your facility’s roof? You’ve come to the right place! Our team of GACO Western certified installers are here to help you find the right option to finally be rid of these costly problems. We offer FREE roof inspection and analysis and can offer a variety of solutions from new state of the art roof coating systems to TPO, EPDM and Standing Seem Metal solutions.  Our FREE consultations include:  Analysis of...
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“Turning roof waste into roadways” Recycling roof material for use in our infrastructure.

Roof shingles account for more than 11 million tons of landfill waste each year.  Every recycled roof is comparable to recycling more than 100 percent of a year’s worth of household waste.  Imagine that for a moment!  We at Roofing & Exteriors of Virginia were profoundly effected by this data and took immediate action to make a difference.  Our team has been trained to separate and dispose of waste properly and use the Tidewater areas only shingle recycling facility, Tidewater Green, to handle our disposals.  The recycled singles and felt are...
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Routine Roof Maintenance

ROOF MAINTENANCE TIPS Even the most well built roof will eventually wear out. But, there are many ways to extend the life of your roof.  For most, it is a good idea to hire a professional certified roofing company to keep the preventative roof maintenance on schedule and your roof at peak performance.    For those who are up to the task, here is a basic guideline of what to look for: PLUMBING VENTS: Inspect all pipes for cracking, proper seal and paint. Inspect neoprene or rubber edges to ensure that...
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Potential Tax Benefits of Roof Resorations Coating

Roofing and Exteriors of Virginia can not only patch and repair your roof with our coating systems, we can provide decades of guaranteed service life.  The best part of roof restoration and coatings is that it falls under the guidelines of preventative maintenance, which can be tax coded as a current expense.  This is great news for property owners and asset managers!  Why wait for a roof replacement to be amortized over the life of the property, recovering only though annual depreciation deductions, when you can deduct your roof restoration as a...
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